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LVHD Home Run
A Flexible Suite of Services

—The industry’s premier helpdesk solution since 2009 delivers expert North American based support with an 85% first call resolution rate

NOC—Infrastructure management using your tools with the flexibility to provide monitoring, management and preventative maintenance for your customer’s environments

Project Work—Our Remote System Administration service allows you to tap into our bench strength for all projects large and small

On-Site Resolution—Access 7×24, web-based & email dispatch for technical support and troubleshooting that can work with existing staff or stand-alone


NOC Managed Services, NOC Helpdesk, On-site Helpdesk, Live RSA Support Managed Service Provider

Live Virtual Help Desk’s business and reputation was founded on the simple premise that if we treat your customers or employees as if they were our own, we can deliver incredible value. Our Helpdesk is designed to deliver a premium experience at a price that will meet your budget. We understand that your employees and customers have unique software applications they use to run their businesses. We also realize that some customers can be the most vocal and demanding. We have over 10 years of experience, and we pride ourselves on being able to understand customer needs.

We hire level 2 & 3 desktop engineers that answer the phone and fi­x the problem on the fi­rst call the vast majority of the time.  We provide support for multi-vendor client systems and installation, moves, changes, desk-side support & software support. We also provide permission-based remote control of PCs with ability to regain control of the PC at any time.

LVHD handles calls from thousands of customers daily. We have developed an extensive knowledge base that allows us to quickly identify and deliver ­fixes for a wide variety of issues. Our staff receives ongoing training and is active in pursuing continued professional development to stay abreast of the latest technical issues and resolution strategies. This creates a level of expertise not normally found in even a large corporate helpdesk.


NNOC Managed Services, NOC Helpdesk, On-site Helpdesk, Live RSA Support Managed Service ProviderOC

Live Virtual Help Desk manages a wide array of cloud and premise-based infrastructure. At Live Virtual Help Desk, we realize that every company has very different needs, skill sets and go-to-market strategies. We have designed a flexible set of services and packaged them in a simple, easy to consume manner to best support your requirements.

We know that if we can help fill the gaps in your expertise and perform the necessary, but mundane tasks you will be able to focus your internal resources on strategic, high margin and customer-facing activities. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to manage staffing levels, maintain the necessary skill-sets and still generate the necessary profit margins. We can support your need to maintain your customer environments, monitor infrastructure and troubleshoot and fix just about any infrastructure problem.

We also know what we aren’t, a software company. LVHD provides services and we will not try to push our tool on you because we don’t develop software. What we will do is leverage your existing investment in monitoring and ticketing systems and allow you to benefit from our deep experience in deployment, configuration and ongoing management of the industry’s popular tools.


Properly configuring and deploying monitoring software takes a great deal of experience. Filtering thousands of server alerts, providing triage and validation is a critical part of any infrastructure management solution, but these tasks add absolutely no strategic value to your business. LVHD WATCH provides preventative maintenance and monitoring for servers and network devices within your customer environments. WATCH is designed for companies that prefer a hands-on approach to resolving server and network problems, yet want to use our remote NOC to validate and triage alerts with appropriate escalation to your team. Also includes preventative maintenance to ensure your infrastructure is expertly maintained.


The LVHD MANAGE service build upon WATCH by adding the ability to research issues, troubleshoot and fix problems on any managed device. LVHD has level 2 and 3 NOC engineers who are certified on the supported vendor hardware and software. They can work independently or in collaboration with your team to resolve issues and get your infrastructure operating at peak efficiency. LVHD understands that server downtime and network issues can mean dire consequences for businesses. LVHD is committed to keeping servers and applications running efficiently and maintaining client satisfaction. Our staff works 24x7x365 so that you can rest easy and get back your late nights, weekends and holidays.



RSA head pictureRemote System Administration (RSA)

In addition to the monthly managed service offerings, LVHD also provides a task-based service that enables companies to fill gaps in delivery expertise. This allows your IT teams to focus on services and projects that are more strategic to your business. Typical Service Request projects include vendor management, restore from backup, server migration, A/D and/or Exchange migration, server consolidation, network device configuration, database design/migration, application installations, etc.


On-Site Resolution

To complete our Home Run service offerings, Live Virtual Help Desk offers a portfolio of dispatch, troubleshooting and repair services that were specifically designed for Clients who have a need for on-site support. Payment options are available at a flat hourly rate or project-based.

LVHD on-site services require no long-term contractual commitments. Clients can choose from numerous arrival intervals across multiple skill levels with hundreds of hardware/software/infrastructure certifications. To learn more visit On-Site Technology Repair Service.