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Encrypted Transactions
Infrastructure Security
Monitoring & Management


The Live Virtual Help Desk NOC does not have access to customer data, only to the infrastructure through which data passes (e.g. switches, routers, servers). The NOC receives alerts that are generated by the monitoring software to indicate issues with availability and infrastructure performance.

Although the NOC does not have access to customer data, there are still a number of security measures in place. The network architecture is designed to maintain secure communications to prevent attacks both from within and external to the organization. This includes multilayer security with physical security, hardware based firewall capabilities and encryption.

All transmissions between the workstations and our internal ticketing system are completely SSL encrypted to prevent internal interception of communications. Communications outside the NOC over the internet are HTTPS authenticated and encrypted. This design provides complete security and leverages port 443 in order to work seamlessly with most existing RMM vendors and their required firewall settings.


We ensure system security & tight security procedures.


Live Virtual Help Desk leverages authentication to customer systems as stored in the RMM platform. We do not need to store credentials inside of our NOC. We provide only appropriate levels of access to ensure system security when connecting to the customer’s network over the internet.

We also perform background checks on all employees, audits to ensure security measures are being followed and tight security procedures allow us to meet our clients’ security requirements on an ongoing basis.

We are not a Security Operations Center (SOC), but we do provide monitoring and management of network devices to ensure performance and availability of switches, routers, firewalls and other supported network devices.