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The Solution

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2022 Edition

IT Pain Points

Staffing Shortages

The US Chamber of Commerce September 2022 Labour Shortage Statistics describe a dire state of affairs – nearly 7 in 10 jobs are presently unfilled in the technology sector in the United States. Employers are having to make due with a shortage of skilled technology workers – especially in specialized areas. Outsourcing may well be the only solution to this problem.

24x7x365 Coverage

As the labour market becomes tougher in the technology field, the expectation that in-house technology resources are available after hours and on weekends is harder to enforce. Realistically, it takes 5 full-time people in an IT department just to properly staff a 24x7x365 Service Desk and NOC – this is not financially feasible for most organizations, and retention of under-utilized ‘graveyard shift’ staff can be a challenge as well.

IT Staff Retention in Industry

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), turnover in the technology industry was as high as 21.3% in 2022, up from 13.2% in 2018. This puts many private organizations at risk of losing key individuals as a result of burnout, stress or perhaps more lucrative opportunities. LVHD has seen a lot of organizations adopt an outsourced Help Desk and NOC service to offset the pains of high-turnover, entry-level positions, as well as to ‘reward’ employees with higher-level tasks.

ITIL Standards/ Best Practices

According to a Forrester Study: while ITIL adoption is on the rise, the adoption rate in North America is poor; last decade only 19.72% in the US and 4.51% in Canada. Further a 2020 survey on the knowledge and implementation of ITIL showed that 56% of respondents had limited knowledge of ITIL for ITSM (ITIL V4), and 79.9% had not yet adopted it in their organizations. A structured ITSM model is vital to any IT organization, and LVHD implements all key aspects of ITIL v4.

Onboarding Process

Our Team works with our partners to determine the best fit for their customers’ organization.
Via our proprietary system, we integrate with our partner’s systems (or set up a system) for a seamless end-user experience

We set up a DID for phone support and connect with our partner’s email system, customize our answer script, and we are ready to go!

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